It is quiet funny how japanese use foreign languages when it comes to brand naming.

For Instance "Comme ca du mode" sound very French but it is not. It is just a combinaison of words without any meaning.

Shops and restaurants names are quiet funny as well "Spaghetti la bella", "Le cafe de criee" (should be de la criee). I like "lunch tide", "le trou du cul de Paris", "Dick" etc.

Each time that I found one I'm wondering why they choose it. It's seem so stupid. I mean, it is fine to name a restaurant with a foreign word but at least check with a native before. You know what? Maybe they did. They checked with a native who found it fun to lie about the name. I'm pretty sure that happen one or twice. Foreigner can be mean. Black sheep are hidden among us.

You have to know that me and my friends are taking pictures with our kettai of those shops with funny names and we pass them out. A good laugh.

I'm wondering if Japanese leaving in Paris, London or Sydney have the same surprises when they see a Japanese name which sound funny.

Speaking of what, the Paris's Japanese ambassy has published a True japanese restaurants guide. In order to avoid any mitakes, check it out before eating Japanese in Paris. Most of the restaurant have a Chinese tenant who never had a professional training as Japanese chef.

Anyway, in Paris, eat french!

Au revoir,