As consequences of my mum coming to Japan: I drunk a lot of wine. I put on weight. So believe it or not, but for 3 weeks I didn't have any alcohol. I lost nearly 4 kgs. Most of all, I felt energetic. Really good. I also ate less sweets and stopped eating after 6:00. It is hard at the beginning but the body get used to it. Then, it is a gas. Make you feel great. I recommand it.

I restart drinking alcohol last week-end mainly because I went out with students. At the end of the summer. But I will have a new fast in the begining of October.

What else those days? Australian friends are coming next week. If you follow this blog, You should know that I went to Australia a year ago. I stayed in a friends's house. They are coming. They will stay 2 weeks. 10 days traveling in Japan and few days before and after at my place. They have a 7 years old daughter and they want to do her a 753. it will be the second times. They came 4 years ago when Adriana was 3. She was cute with her blond hair in her kimono. it seems that a lot of foreigners are going to the temple for th 753 of their own children.

What do you think of this?

Bye bye!