Hello folks,


Here comes your best friend


Recently, I have been to  cinema a lot. I
might see 3 movies a year. It is already 3 movies in 2 months. The dark night,
Iron man and at the end of the month, the new james bond.


Dark night is a good movie. I enjoyed it.
Some people don't like the "message". The dark night attracts vilains simply by
his presence in Gotham city. Based on that the movie has a lot of talk about
good and evil. self sacrifice, etc. Can be boring but I do think that the movie
stand alone. The 2 bad guys are great. Oscar to the Joker. and the action scenes
are nearly perfect. They announced that they will start to shoot the new one
next january.


Iron Man. Good, not great. The plot is
quiet thin. But the actor stick to the character. Robert Downey jr is amazing in
this moving.


James bond. I'm looking forward to it. I
really enjoyed the last one. I'm looking for the next one and I hope that it
won't be delay in japan as was Iron man and will be released as the same time as
the rest of the world.


The problem is taht I have no idea about
the japanese movies. What's new in Japan theaters?