ICCの英語教師クリスは夏休みに宮城県に行ってきたそうです。( -д-)ノ


Here I come again to tell you my life in Japan. As you know, My mum came around to visit me. We went to Myagi, in a place called Shizugawa. It is near Matsushima, just near Sendai (one hour north). It was a long trip in car but it was worth it.

We made a stop a t Matsushima where we visited a very famous temple. I forgot its name. I'm very bad with names. But the center part of the building was made around 800 AD. Then an administrator of Tokugawa built the other part. It was the most beautifull decorations have seen in Japan. Every wall was covered of beautifull paintings telling many Chinese and Japanese legends.

The same administrator, of course, I forgot his name, sent a Japanese ambassador in Europe around 1660. To do so, i had a vessel built in Myagi. The ambassador crossed the Pacific, went to Mexico, changed ship and sailed to Spain. He went to Portugal, Spain, France (a short 2 day stop in Saint-tropez), and Italy where he stayed 7 years, mainly in Rome. He became a catholic. There is an interestting museeum about this story with a replica of the boat. You can actually visit the boat, get in it. Very intersting. The guy didn't leave any notes so we don't know what he thought of the European.

What else? The sea. Beautiful with small islands here and there. About 8 degrees less than Tokyo. So we really enjoyed the spot. we swam and had a great fun. We stayed in a Minshuku. 2 meals where included. Only sea food. we had 2 nights of Sashimis. We really enjoyed it. We went to a sento in the montain and that's all. That was relaxing.

It was relaxing as well to shop with my mum. We spent 2 afternooms between shinjuku and Harajuku. She wanted to buy presents for her friends. I wanted to walk downtown wich is always a pleasure.

I tell you more later about those shopping days.

See you soon!