Here, the heat is bearable but, I have more and more problems with the humidity. Every year it is the same. With summer comes the worst about Japan. Short nights and sticky pants.

At least, we are allow to take holidays. I already told you that I'm going to Miyagi in August.
I will have 2 weeks off taking care of my mum. I will also slow down in the morning. I will take time to cook, read, etc.

The end of august and september will be very busy for me. I'm already thinking about the holidays that I will take at the end of the year. I was thinking about Pareo. An island in the Pacific. It will be nice to lay on a beach while evry body is getting colder here in Tokyo. I haven't dive for the past 4 years and i really miss it.

Last time, it was in Hawai and before that in Mexico. That was thw best one. We saw rief, little sharks and a ray manta.
Diving is like exporing new universes. And the silence is probably the most relaxing experience that we can get.
Try it.