I went to Australia last year. We had a lunch at my wife's cousin's restaurant. His name is Tetsuya and the restaurant is called Tatsuya's. Its been elected best restaurant in Australia for the past 7 years. Tetsuya is a Japanese who came to Australia 15 years ago. He creates his own dishes. A fusion between French and Japanese cuisine. He inventes his own sushis.

We went twice.

The fisrt time, we were in the biggest of the 3 dining rooms enjoying testsuya's degustation menu. Amazing from the beginning to the end. Tetsuya's signature, a troat, in particular, was remarcable.

The second time, he invited us in his private dinning room wich is his laboratory as well. His 2 sushis chefs (both Japanese) made in front of us Tesuya's creation. Believe me his sushi shrimp on foie gras was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. 2 hours later, when I went to bed, the taste was still rolling in my mouth.

Check Tetsuya's at:http://www.tetsuyas.com/